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Subject:  Re: Tory Landslide, Scotland Independence Likely Date:  12/14/2019  4:34 PM
Author:  syke6 Number:  573590 of 584953

I'm a bit out of date, but 20 years ago EU issued patents but each member nation still has its own patent office and I think they require registration. Scotland will have much to negotiate in leaving UK and joining EU. Will they use the Euro? Will they honor UK patents? etc etc. They will have additional bureaucracy for this and many other matters. Food and drug approvals? Environmental regs? Pesticides? Agriculture approvals inspections.

That shouldn't be too tough to figure out. Scotland is part of the EU right now so most stuff wouldn't change. If she were to gain independence, she would simply treat the UK the way the rest of the EU treats the UK and vice versa. Scotland would need some new national bureaucracy as you mention, but already has a parliament and national governing structure.

The currency question is interesting to ponder. It would be easiest to simply adopt the Euro, but as we've seen in recent years there are good reasons not to do that.

Sure. But they also must purchase their own tanks, ships and airplanes. Train and maintain their crews.

Not necessarily. Scotland could sign a security agreement with the remnants of the UK where Scotland provides money and troops in exchange for coat tailing on the UK's defense apparatus. That's effectively the way it works now anyway.
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