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Subject:  Re: How to get rid of China & silverware? Date:  12/25/2019  1:01 AM
Author:  CountNoCount Number:  21639 of 22228

There is a market for good quality china and silver. You might check ebay, craigslist and even a local consignment shop. For example

That's getting into the Countess's department, but I think she checked on eBay. I recall she is selling individual pieces rather than the whole lot. She is a Top Rated Seller (TRS) on eBay, so she knows what sells and what doesn't.

As an aside, she does have collector's disease. She collects things. The most obvious is (was) Christmas ornaments. Maybe 30 years ago she had all her ornaments listed on a spread sheet. IIRC there were more than 1800 separate ornaments in Hallmark alone. I am sooooo proud of her. She sold almost all of the Hallmark on eBay.

Separate story: Back in the day there was an active aftermarket for Hallmark ornaments. After a year, Hallmark no longer issues a given ornament, so the popular ones became very pricey. At the time I worked at TRW, and I would advertise in the TRW employee's newspaper to buy ornaments we knew were re-sellable at a good price.

If you have a 1980 Frosty Friends ornament in mint condition, with box (MIB) it's valuable, for instance. For example

eBay pretty much killed the aftermarket, so that Frosty Friends is "only" worth $500 now.

The Countess does know her way around eBay. I think I asked her once, and she guessed she had sold more than 5,000 items, mostly rather low value things, but she did clean out our basement.

Another side story. There used to be a wine enthusiast board on TMF. (wonder if it's still there?) I fancied myself to be slightly knowledgeable about wines, and I followed the discussions for a while. The board was mainly made up of people who thought certain New York wines were the epitome of fine drinking, and they almost universally disdained California wines. To get to my point, one day a new poster showed up, asking if anyone had any Marilyn Merlot wines? Well, he was roundly scoffed at. "Don't you know that is cheap slop?" Well, as it happened, I had a bottle, which I got as a Christmas gift - a sort of a gag gift. So I asked him why he asked, because yes. I have a bottle. What year? he wanted to know. I had to call home and ask, but it was a 1985. He said not to open it, or drop it, but to go look on eBay and see if there was any available? 1985 was the original bottling. So, I went and looked. (We knew from nothing about eBay at the time.) Sure enough, there were bottles of Marilyn Merlot for sale on eBay. One could not sell "real" wine on eBay at the time, so it had to be sold as a collectible. A bottle of 1985 was selling for $800 to $1000. I studied a bit about eBay and realized I had to have a track record before trying to sell anything expensive, so Isold a paint sprayer, and some othe tools and low-priced thing just so I would show some sales. When I advertised my Marilyn Merlot, I "only" got $850 for it. You better believe I packed it very carefully, and remember that sale fondly. Not unlike my first date.

That may actually be when the Countess turned to the Dark Side on eBay.

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