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Subject:  Re: Trump . . . Date:  1/25/2020  5:54 PM
Author:  NessieTheBruce Number:  132606 of 135234

Several times a day liberals feel the need to remind us that they still hate Trump.

Ahhhh . . . this is exactly the kind of ignorant reasoning Trump has brought to government. When faced with a list of Trump's significant and varied failings in life, the Trump cult response is to attack Democrats. That is what Trump does. That is what his cult members do. Trump is always lying, guilty or both so he never defends or even explains his actions. Instead, he calls other people names and lies about them to deflect attention. This ploy works with simple minds (thus, his cult).

So . . . let's remind everyone again of what a dismal failure Trump has been at all aspects of his life.

Trump . . .
the billionaire who hides his tax returns
the genius who hides his college grades
the business man who bankrupted a casino
the playboy who pays for sex
the Christian who never goes to church
the philanthropist who defrauds charity
the patriot who dodged the draft
the innocent man who refuses to testify

Now let's allow the ignorant to rant about Democrats rather than talk about how pathetic a human being Trump really is. Go ahead. Display your ignorance and unwillingness to actually talk about facts.
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