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Subject:  Re: Happy Fooliversary To Me Date:  3/26/2020  4:52 PM
Author:  PipneyJane Number:  40265 of 40282

Fun times! <3

For us: so far, so good. My wife has been working from home for about a year; a whole bunch of her clients canceled when everything began to shut down, but she just picked up a 90 day contract to do communications for a state-funded health system's COVID-19 response, so she should be okay for the short term.

My job? Not sure. The city/county is mandating work at home starting tomorrow, so the plan is I'll go home and work from there. A skeleton crew will stay in the office to process orders; we make broadcast equipment, so we're critical infrastructure. However, I'm not sure how many orders we'll be processing in the short term beyond the one that came in yesterday and will ship at the end of the week. We just don't know.

And that's why it's a weird, hard time.

Fingers crossed for you and Mrs Snarky.

For now, my job is safe, but who knows? I’ve been contracting with the Swedes since 2016 and I was meant to go Staff on 1st April this year. That seems to have been put on hold, not because of Covid-19 but because the big bosses announced at the start of the month that they’ve put our division up for sale.

In some respects the sale makes the finance software project that I’m on more urgent and important. We’ll need to divorce ourselves from their finance systems, so might as well go stand-alone. However, nobody in Management wants to make any decisions (e.g. why are we bothering with the shared services facility, when they’re just duplicating work already done in the business?). Oh and our software supplier is so understaffed that we’re at least 3 months behind schedule because they can’t deliver all the modules promised in a timely manner. (Seriously, we are missing the subcontractor tax module, which means we can’t pay subbies from our system.). Senior Management is also so weak that they may be tempted to capitulate and axe completing the project, which will make the sale an even bigger nightmare.< shakes head >

- Pam
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