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Subject:  Speed Dripping Date:  4/24/2020  11:06 PM
Author:  Ordnance11 Number:  27936 of 27990

New Fool here. I started investing in January 2020. My sister (who is a futures trader) said she didn't know whether to laugh or cry at my timing.

Now the pandemic gave me some opportunities oddly enough:

1. I still have a job. I just work out of the home now and go to the work site once or twice a week. My employer pays me hazard pay when I'm at the work site.

2. My expenses dropped. I'm not buying anything nor am I eating out, save for the occasional pizza.

So more money for investing. So what I started doing in March was staking out initial positions in company in companies with whatever extra money I get in my paycheck. Anywhere from $500.00 to $1000.00. My goal is to have positions in the $2000.00 dollar range eventually. It's a big problem to overcome anchoring I found out. Part of me was leery of staking positions of stocks that looked expensive to me. I found out that buying a specific amount helps overcome that.

I started with 6 positions in February and I'm at 12 as end of April. now. I should really stop at 15 and then start back filling the rest of the positions.

The same strategy should work for the rest of the year. The only question is if I should push beyond 15 or not.
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