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Subject:  Re: Looting Date:  6/1/2020  10:22 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  528368 of 532687

Would you murder someone for stealing an iPad if you were a member of the NG?

I think it was Katrina that those orders were given. I think the existence of those orders stopped the looting, so no one was shot (as I recall).

If I'm a grunt, I obey orders. I knew a guy who knew a guy who almost shot a colonel. The colonel didn't have his ID, and when challenged pushed past the sentry. Colonel was smart enough to heed the warning of the sentry when he raised his weapon to fire and said "halt or I'll shoot".

We're not talking My Lai here, we're talking looters. People that have given in to mob psychology. They can be very dangerous, and that is why the NG is called.

Me? If it was a lone looter, I'd probably point my weapon at him and tell him to stop. Then arrest him. If it's 50 people raiding an Apple store, I'd probably first fire my weapon into landscape or a wall to get their attention, but if I had to -and there were orders to do so- I'd shoot them. It's not about a few iPads. It's about the complete breakdown of civil order where mob psychology has taken hold. That will spin out of control really quickly. The lost iPads are probably covered by insurance. Out-of-control mobs can get innocent people killed.

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