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Subject:  Re: Let's (Not) Talk About White Supremacy Date:  6/2/2020  11:03 AM
Author:  sgiz2 Number:  2313222 of 2328900

“Having greater access to power and resources than people of color [in the same situation] do.”

This may have been the case early in our founding thru civil rights era, since then the country has fast tracked corrections and each passing decade this gets further and further in the rearview mirror.

A middle class black has the same access to power and resources as a middle class white, a poor black has the same access to power and resources as a poor white, etc.

An argument can be made for black privilege however, for decades blacks have been granted opportunities based on affirmative action policies, which gives advantages/favoritism to blacks over whites in school enrollments and job opportunities regardless of who is actually more qualified.

You are living in the past, playing the perpetual victim card.

I recommend listening to Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, and Candace Owens in regards freeing your mind from the prison you keep yourself in, there is equal and ample opportunity for all races, it comes down to the individual not the color of their skin.

We can't undo our past, instead we correct it! Human nature however can never be fixed, some will always want the never ending victimhood as it can be used to get power and accumulate money.

Good news is each passing year, statistics say so, we become less and less racial, and that trend will continue. White on black crime is among the lowest categories statistically of all the racial groups, so white on black is not the issue today, it has improved, continues to improve, and will continue to do so.
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