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Subject:  Re: TMDX - Disruptor Date:  6/6/2020  9:00 PM
Author:  AnalogKid70 Number:  68178 of 70779

Great reply Alkaline - thanks.  As I stated, I don't work in the field, so I could certainly be off in some of the things I wrote.  I've read everything I could find, but there are some items that are hard to get info on.  TMDX has not shared a lot of details yet on the organizational structure for Perfusion Services, so I'm making some assumptions at this time.  

A couple thoughts in response to your post:

1.  On the topic of skills needed to remove organs - I actually already asked this exact question of TMDX Investor relations.  
     My question was - Is a “Transplant Surgeon” required for the Perfusion Service organ collection team?  Or can it be a general surgeon?
     TMDX response was - "An organ retrieval surgeon does not necessarily need to be a transplant surgeon, but, in our case they are all trained transplant surgeons."
     So, according to TMDX, there is some leeway on who can remove a donated organ, and it does not need to be a surgeon who specializes in that specific organ.  

2.  This is complete speculation from me, but I have wondered if this might eventually become kind of a "gig" job for retired transplant surgeons - like UBER for organ transplants.  When a job is available a notification goes out to any surgeons within a certain distance and first one to pick it up gets the job.  Again - this is just me dreaming - but if I was a retired surgeon and could earn $10k to go remove an organ, well... sign me up!

3.  Even if TMDX does use transplant surgeons, I think there is plenty of money available to pay them.  If you look at the Seeking Alpha article, there is a chart where they summarize costs for the whole transplant process.  One cost is for "Procurement" - I believe that covers all costs associated with getting the donated organ.  Part goes to the OPO, and part is reimbursement to the retrieval team and travel expenses.  It's around $130k for a heart or lung.   So....I think they can afford the costs for the Dr's - but I doubt there will be a ton of profit in the "Service".  I could be wrong, but I think TMDX will make their main profit from sales of OCS disposable kits, and the service is just a way to maximize and accelerate those sales.

Thanks again for the reply - and please challenge this again if you still disagree.

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