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Subject:  Value/Growth vs valuations Date:  7/3/2020  4:05 PM
Author:  TheAnamalous Number:  11573 of 11666

The echo chamber tells me to power through my nosebleeds and to buy/hold growth stocks.

I read forums like this one to balance the hysteria and read the thoughts from those who share my nerves, as I continue to hit ATH's while businesses remain empty and cases mount.

That said, the market will, in the end, always go up, so perhaps it is a fools game to try and market time. Perhaps if we call it "sector rotatation," we can convince ourselves we aren't trying to time the market.

So where do these useless words lead me... I maintain my fan fave growth stocks of AYX, ZM (in a much smaller allocation), OKTA, DDOG, CRWD, ESTC, SMAR, ROKU, WORK, NET in smaller allocations. Went heavy into LVGO and FSLY about six weeks ago as I try and move into smaller market cap growth stocks and then got to high five myself for being a genius. Will probably punch myself in the junk for not selling but I find smaller allocations keep me from feeling totally left out of gains and not so bad if we have a growth collapse. Hoping for MGNI (growth not yet where it needs to be and near term sounds like a bummer - but in the right position) and KC/OCFT (shout out) to step up. I find gains much too appealing to pull out of these stocks while recognizing we are in a dangerous (but lucrative) greed mode. So, to sleep at night, I have diversified putting a healthy portion of my portfolio into more conservative value stocks still well off their highs and that havent enjoyed the post crash jump, like LUV, BUD, WFC, SBUX (pending) smaller banks with potential to double when things resume (ALLY, CIT, ASB - below stress test requirement) and PK, SPG and HHC as further covid recovery plays. Also some RVLV since the millenials need their skinny pants and UCO as my only (scary) oil play, though I will probably wish I took better advantage of the oil crash (I already do). In a couple years, I don't know where our growth stocks will be (likely much higher) but I sleep better knowing I will be watching budweiser commercials during the superbowl, people will be drinking starbucks, using their credit cards, making bad finanical decisions to the banks favor and flying in airplanes which should mean 50+% returns.

Appreciate the forum, ideas, crystal balls (both working a not) and contrarian viewpoints.

Disclaimer: I don't stand behind any statements I make.

I once owned Enron.
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