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Subject:  Kindle - worrh it? Date:  7/9/2020  8:15 PM
Author:  Tuni Number:  910706 of 912287

I think I've asked some questions re. buying a Kindle Paperweight before, however, don't remember where and who I asked (this seems like a logical place to ask) so here goes:

DH wants to buy me a Kindle Paperweight because he thinks its a PITA for me to go to the local Library. I, actually, don't mind it and have always like holding a book, a real book in my hands however:

These are some of my questions:

I do have Amazon Prime. They show Kindle paperweights from $129 - $249 depending upon the bells and whistles. I wouldn't think I would need more than 8gb of storage. Do I want one "with offers - that means ads, right?" Would like to avoid commercials/ads if possible, especially if they are intruding or annoying....

do I have to pay for Kindle unlimited? OR don't I need that? I don't want to pay a monthly fee (subscription) for any more devices, I find it annoying.Can't I just download a book from Amazon Prime for free or do they charge for most recent, up-to-date books? If so, charge is probably minimal right?

Local library here does show they have downloads for Kindles and other e-books - I guess those would be free since I do have a library card. that's probably what I would do, since I'm rather cheap (only about small

they can be recharged with provided charging device and provided cable, right?

I see the paperweight for $129 is supposed to be waterproof and non-glare....Is that a fact?

If I read a book and then delete it, it doesn't use up my storage????

Just fyi, I have a MacBok Pro and iPhone (if that impacts anything)

There probably are other questions I should ask but don't know enough to ask yet.....

thanks for any advice/opinions....
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