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Subject:  Re: Mortgage for retirees? Date:  7/10/2020  5:14 AM
Author:  foo1bar Number:  129473 of 129543

A margin loan to buy a house is a bad idea in so many ways, that the relative interest rates really don't matter. Even if the margin loan were at a lower rate than a 30 year fixed, its still a bad idea for long term financing of a home.

There are additional considerations you have to look at when doing a margin loan, like it could theoretically be called.
OTOH, if you're retiring with a $2M-$4M portfolio and a $200K margin loan, I wouldn't be worried about it getting called.
The variable interest rate - especially with fixed rates being really really low right now - would be a much bigger factor IMO.

IMO the idea of using a margin loan (or anything non-conventional) to pay for part of a home purchase brings up a more emotional/fearful response that isn't just based on facts and reasonable assumptions/projections.

~20 years ago I used a margin loan to fund part of a home purchase - and in talking about it with people there were a number of people that did not think it was a good idea. Having looked at the possible options, and making projections of reasonable best and worst scenarios, I still went with my plan. Looking back, and having perfect insight of what the markets would do over the next few years, I didn't make the perfect choice. But I don't regret my choice since it was the best option based on the data I had at the time.
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