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Subject:  prayer Date:  7/10/2020  5:57 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  4768 of 4850

I'm curious about something.

Let's say I'm a religious person. Probably doesn't have to be Xian specifically, but since I'm most likely to get a Xian-based answer here, let's say I am. So, in this belief system god created everything. Good and bad. And since he is all-powerful, nothing happens without his permission (e.g. Job...satan couldn't do diddly until he goaded god into a bar bet and then god allowed Job's wife and kids to be killed, etc).

No, this isn't about the presence of evil and/or bad things.

I had a tumor last year. Turned out to be benign. 1poorlady had a tumor this year. Turned out not to be benign. In both cases, under the above scenario, god either put those tumors in us, or was at least complicit.

Again, not arguing about goodness of god. Why would a Xian (my MIL) pray thanking god for all of this? That's the bit I don't get. God (if he existed) put those inside us. It was skilled surgeons that removed them, not god. I genuinely don't get it. She prays in Tagalog, but I understand enough to know that she's thanking god on our behalf. If god did exist I would be cursing him, not thanking him.

Any insight?

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