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Subject:  Re: Kindle - worrh it? Date:  7/10/2020  10:46 PM
Author:  sissylue Number:  910715 of 912215

I had the foresight to get a kindle (paperwhite) back before things got really bad so I could download books from the library without going to the library. But it didn't work out like I hoped because the ebook selection from my library is limited. VERY VERY LIMITED. When I feel up to it I'll see if there are any books I can download for free or for a nominal fee from Amazon. I do like the idea of the Kindle but I am also sure glad that, when three years ago (about?) I got rid of most of my books, I kept about 100 books that I just couldn't part with. Now I am just re-reading them - most of the ones I kept were non-fiction interestingly enough (because I would estimate that at least 80% of my library was fiction), and one of the things that is sort of neat is that so much has changed! For instance the book I'm reading right now is titled "Bubbles, Voids and Bumps in Time: The New Cosmology". It was published BEFORE the Hubble telescope was launched - one of the recurrent statements in the book is basically "when the telescope is finally launched we will be able to resolve this, or we will have a better idea" ... For some reason this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we did so good at something. Im glad I've lived long enough to see these changes and advances. Needless to say a couple of my anthropology books will be proven rather spectacularly wrong by all of the DNA/RNA mapping so I can't wait to reread them as well.
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