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Subject:  Re: Tenderizing Meat Date:  7/13/2020  6:19 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  56608 of 56650

On Amazon I see there's a mechanical tenderizer - a push down contraption with lots of little sharp blades.
Has anyone used them?

Have a friend that was in the restaurant industry and mentioned 'needled' steaks used in restaurants.

Just wondering if that's the way to go instead of sprinkle on meat tenderizer?

There are a number of ways to tenderize meat prior to cooking it. One is to use that sprinkle on “meat tenderizer”, which is a mixture of salt, dextrose (a sugar) and papain, the enzyme from papaya which axe-u-lee does the tenderizing. One could marinate the meat in fresh pineapple juice, which also contains an enzyme that breaks down meat fibers and is acid which also helps. One can also beat it with a meat hammer, use one of them needle gismos or sous vide ( ) the meat prior to cookin it.

I suspect that the restaurant steaks were sprinkled with some meat tenderizer and then “needled” to get the tenderizer deep into the meat prior to sous vide-ing it at about 120 degrees F. Walmart had a “precision cooker” something like that I bought 3 or 2 years ago but, so far, I only used to make flan and not steak.

C.J.V. - usually marinates my flank steak in a acid mixture after beating the he!! out of it with my meat hammer prior to grilling it, me
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