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Subject:  Still beating the markets (2020.q2) Date:  7/25/2020  3:45 PM
Author:  OranjeMannetje Number:  2425 of 2443

Staying resolute is getting harder and harder. On top of that, working in the oilfield has made financial planning a bit more ‘interesting’ with no more earned income and a very poor employment outlook in the near term. I’m torn as to whether or not to let my MFI portfolio run out and then move the money elsewhere. But that has been value investing all around when it has taken such a beating over the past decade or so – stay or abandon ship? The longer I stay invested in MFI the closer and closer the results start to look like they are reverting to the mean. That’s not necessarily a horrible thing since long-term I don’t mind matching the market. Based on the last 5 years results, I feel like my results over the long-term will start trailing the market returns for some time unless there is a significant run up in the price of value stocks (or alternately the values stocks hold steady and growth stock prices drop.)

The returns of my portfolio versus those of several Russell indexes through 31-Mar-2020 are as follows:

Portfolio Inception Date IRR R3000 R2000
Real Money 02-Feb-2006 +9.22% +8.44 +6.23

The following table details performance (IRR) over various time frames through the end of the quarter:
Portfolio 10 year 5 year 3 year 1 year
Real Money +14.38 +4.00 +0.32 -1.28
R3000 +13.72 +10.03 +10.04 +6.53
R2000 +10.50 +4.29 +2.01 -6.63

I no longer have any tracking portfolios. I have an idea where I might get some historical data based on Gotham portfolios and use that to construct a tracking portfolio. That’s still a project for another time.

Interestingly, I noticed recently that Gotham is promoting another concept now on the MFI website, Invest5. Details can be found at Looks like it basically is investing small amounts every day in an enhanced Gotham S&P500 fund and allowing compounding to work its magic over the long-term.

Still working to stay resolute, but wavering,
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