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Subject:  Re: Roth IRA Back Door Date:  8/11/2020  11:31 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  26309 of 26309

I don't think my 401K has Roth option- that said I'm hearing that upon retirement independent of my taxable income level I can selectively convert all of my after tax 401 contributions to a Roth and either leave the balance of my 401K (pretax savings) alone or convert to a traditional IRA is this essentially correct? Or is my ability to do this dependent upon the specific plan rules for my company's 401K?

I would be surprised if your 401(k) plan allowed after tax contributions without having a Roth option, but I suppose it's possible.

If you are allowed to make after tax contributions, yes, when you leave the company (either through retirement or just by leaving your job), you should be able to convert the after tax contributions to a Roth IRA. Whether you can do so without also moving the rest of your 401(k) money to IRAs is dependent on your plan's rules.

I would suggest reading your Summary Plan Description (SPD) and contacting your plan administrator's customer service.

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