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Subject:  Re: prayer Date:  8/13/2020  7:24 PM
Author:  bdhinton Number:  4820 of 4850

I've tried to get you to define slave and property so we could evaluate your claims properly but so far you have just wanted to assume what the words mean.
Now you're just playing games. Look up "slave" and "property" in any dictionary. Those are the definitions I am working with

Wow, first time I think anyone has gotten upset by being asked to define terms, and then suggesting the other person do their homework for them or read their mind. How am I supposed to know what meaning you are giving words unless you spell it out?

I wanted you to spell out two things, what you mean by slave, and what you mean by immoral. More specifically, I wanted to see what baggage you were bringing to the discussion. I got the distinct impression that you were imposing antebellum Southern US notions on the biblical text. In fact, I'm pretty sure you are by your use of "farm equipment". I wanted to know what standard of morality you were using to compare your notion of moral with what is in the biblical text.

I'm not bothered by it. What parts should I be bothered by?
Owning people as property, perhaps?

No, I'm not bothered by the social arrangements that existed 3500 years ago in ancient Israel. God allowed for a time a less than ideal situation that already existed, regulated it to be more humane to ensure that the Hebrews treated others more fairly, and set out the ideal for them, i.e. no slavery.

The atheist thinks about these things, and most of the time seems to come to superior moral judgments.

This, again. You seem to be comparing your morality and the Bibles to some objective standard to evaluate the two against, in order to pronounce one more "moral". What is that objective standard, and why is it the standard? Or are you just comparing everything to your personal standard, and anything that doesn't match is "immoral"?

Alot of other things you said deserve a response, but that's what I got for now.
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