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Subject:  Re: True Responsibility Date:  8/19/2020  8:41 PM
Author:  bighairymike Number:  885241 of 888768

Where were you in January and February 2020?
The officials were stating that the Wuhan China virus was not a problem. President
Trump was being criticized for banning travelers from China. That was the main reason
hospitals were not overrun in March and April. The death toll would have been higher had
travel been left as the WHO had recommended.
The Federal government did pretty much everything that was recommended March through April.
The only major issue I have seen is the failure to follow through on hydroxychloroquine as a
cheap early treatment with zinc for the virus. The uncertainty there seems to have been a mistake
by the FDA.

Selective memory seems to be a big problem up in the northeast.



Lets also remind Vermonter that Trump ramped up the production of PPE using the defense Production act where necessary. Even though the state should be keeping their own eye on PPE and stockpiling as necessary, Trumps team not only caught up with demand, but produced so many ventilators that we are exporting them to other countries who need them.

Lets not forget that Trump sent the Mercy Hospital Ship to NY Harbor where it sat empty. Meanwhile Governor Cuomo was forcing Covid positive patients into nursing homes where they infected and killed far more people than Vermonter vaguely attributes to Trump.

Also, RV should be reminded that Trump, responding to Cuomo's panic, set up the Jarvis convention center as a hospital where it also sat empty.

Accelerated vaccine development is anther area where Trump deserves a lot of credit.

Yet RV accuses us of not watching the news. Apparently RV misses a lot of news himself.
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