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Subject:  Re: breakfast ideas? Date:  10/1/2020  8:14 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  56633 of 56677

I do have oatmeal and cream of wheat in stock, but I'm the only one in the family that doesn't like either. But I'm up to give it a shot to see if I can make enough changes that it is tolerable.

Have you tried Wheatena? It's like whole grain cream of wheat. When I lived in MA (25+ years ago-) I ate it regularly. Awesome w/a little maple syrup.

Another fave was rye toast w/ cottage cheese or melted jarlsberg. These days I sometimes make the hubster a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast (with cheddar, not American "cheese food"). Sometimes I put sliced tomato and/or cooked bacon in the middle. In that vein, quesadillas are quick. Slap a torilla in a hot frying pan, cover with grated cheese, add some chopped veg like onion or scallion, tomato, jalapeno, put second tortilla on top, and flip over. Takes like 3 minutes total. I don't how well they'd freeze or even refrigerate.

When I used to eat carbier pancakes, my faves were buckwheat and oatmeal (recipe in Laurel's Kitchen, a vegetarian cookbook--I used to buzz up the oatmeal in my food processor a bit to make the pancakes lighter).

For that matter, any leftover cooked whole grains should be doable as hot cereal or pancakes.

If you eat polenta, fried polenta slices are nice for a change (especially in bacon fat ;-)

The arugula salad with fried eggs reminds me of that French salad of frisee w/poached eggs, bacon, shallots and dijon dressing.
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