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Subject:  Re: How do I avoid early withdrawal penalties Date:  10/11/2020  8:08 PM
Author:  nothingissimple Number:  78 of 83


I hesitated to reply because others are far more knowledgeable than I...

You are caught in the trap many people did not anticipate (but the government did). Put away alot of money pre-tax under the impression their retirement tax rate would be lower. It often does not turn out that way. In your case, you are going to pay withdrawal penalties on top of potentially higher tax brackets. In retirement you are likely to encounter the problem of withdrawals resulting in social security benefits being taxed and you are in a higher tax bracket as well as impacting Medicare premiums. The government never loses. :(

Your most tax efficient way to manage your $$ is to keep working (albeit part time?) and any money going into traditional IRAs should be after-tax deposits. Then, when you do retire, find a way to limit your withdrawals and income to match your expenses. Not an easy task.

As for advisors, with no disrespect to those MF reading the boards, DIY. In the 25 years since I retired at 43, I have not found a single FA who could provide better advise than what I could figure out by myself. FA have a number of fiduciary responsibilities that force them to be conservative and traditional in their advice. This might not match your philosophy or situation.

If you look hard enough and research enough, you can find everything you need without paying someone else to tell you the same thing.

Just my 2 cents worth....

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