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Subject:  Re: Have you been to these subpar parks? Date:  10/31/2020  9:05 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  137341 of 138526

Also depends when you visit them. Places like Acadia National Park in Maine is not so fun in a blizzard at 20 deg.

A few of them mentioned are in Alaska.....great in the summer time but not so fun in winter....

And someone forgot to complain about the BUGS.......let's see.....I remember one summer on a tent camping trip back some 60 years the end of June.....we got to Glacier National Park. It dropped down into the 40s by dinner time with a strong north wind. Mom fired up the camp stove and made some dinner - and part of it was mashed potatoes. They got cold real fast from the time they were cooked to our plates and the little gnat like flies immediately piled on and made potatoes specked with bugs. Yuck. Well, that was a tough dinner....but as kids, we piled in our sleeping bags and had a good night sleep.

Yeah, there's nothing but 'rocks' at Petrified Forest...and Joshua Tree.....well, there's only a few trees and miles and miles and miles of hot desert. Same with Big Bend National Park.....endless sand.....and more sand...and even more sand.....and no lakes!

I've been to most of the National Parks in the lower 48 - missing 2 or 3......hit the rest. Yeah, Mammoth Cave is 'nothing but a hole in the ground'....(g)..... and Bicayne Bay has lots of FL bugs...and more bugs..... and worse yet, all the National Seashores have SALT water.....

I guess if you hit Volcanoes National Park and there is no lava to get's like......well, at Yellowstone they arrange eruptions every hour....what's with no volcanoes spewing big streams of lava at Volcanoes NP?

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