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Subject:  Pay off mortgage or invest? Date:  11/13/2020  12:09 PM
Author:  ifican Number:  1930 of 1935

I am sure this one have been asked alot but i think this might be a tad different.

Retirement savings are close to being on track without social security considered. So we are in a good spot, I plan on still contributing to max 401k and backdoor roth yearly until we pull the plug. In ~8 years we want to retire to asia. Rental income from current home will cover monthly expenses in asia. We will still be many years from taking Social Security but the wife is stressing on having a mortgage. Current mortgage is low 2% and have about 12 years to payoff. If i further accelerate the mortgage with "extra" funds, funneling to it vs extra savings, we can bring down the payoff to 7 years and be debt free going into early retirement. With current portfolios running on avg 9% (currently with downturn factored in). I see the debate for carrying the mortgage for those first 6 or 7 years into retirement.

As of right now current expenses in asia will be 1500-2k (thats factoring rent, food and spending money). Current mortgage is 2k and rental income at todays rate will be 5k so, even if carrying the mortgage we will be clearing 3k month without touching investments.

What does the community think?
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