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Subject:  Re: washing a quilt Date:  11/21/2020  10:53 AM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  7388 of 7388

Interesting. Makes sense. Despite conventional wisdom milk is actually slightly acidic. I think we have some powdered milk in the pantry somewhere. That's a lot of milk, but then we don't use milk often. I think the powdered milk is several years old.

We haven't had a chance to try to clean it yet. Wife still recovering from surgery (in the hospital). But we'll get there. She has it sitting out demanding our attention.

First step will be to clean the bathtub. We never use it, so it has a layer of dust that would just make the quilt dirtier!

Thanks for the tip.

Per the link up-thread we already have Woolite, so it's just a question of immersing it in the tub and gently washing it (with a bit of spot treatment on the ugly spot). Don't have anywhere that we can lay it out where it's not in the sun. Well, maybe the living room is large enough. The Arizona sun (and humidity) would be ideal for drying, but it will also fade fabric (which is probably why the advice to stay out of the sun). It's been mostly sunny and in the 90s this past week. Which is unusual, even for us.

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