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Subject:  Re: MSNBC Blacklisted Certain Democrat Contender Date:  11/25/2020  10:54 AM
Author:  tjscott0 Number:  137552 of 138392

He also spoke to a sadly large portion of the electorate with his race bating, xenophobic language, and that’s why he won.

You need look only at the Florida results, where Republicans picked off a significant portion of the Latino vote by bombarding the populace with messages of “he’s/she’s a socialist.”

While some of the Trump vote is from White racists. In 2016 & 2020 he received many vote from the working class whom has been negatively impacted for the past 30 years by both political parties & globalization of trade resulting in increased income inequality.
David Autor, MIT economist lays it out in a short 3 minute video:

Many of Florida's Hispanic vote is Cuban with family experience of Castro. They vote for the political party most likely not willing to open relations with Cuba.
But Trump did much better with the nonwhite vote in 2020*. and they can't be racist. So I guess they will be labelled stupid. I dunno, I don't believe all the almost 74 million votes Trump received received is from racist, stupid folks. Of course, when the accusation is made folks react emotionally and wish to give the middle finger to the accusers. Social media & the cancel culture is making the polarization within the US & worldwide much worse. When opposing views are deplatformed and people canned for "improper" speech or viewpoints**; those actions are not conducive to bringing people together.
I forsee more conflict moving forward making the turbulent 1960's look mild in comparison. Which the establishment elites in both political parties will utilize to distract the voter from the fact there is bipartisan support on the government for interests of global international corporations billionaire with an occasion sop to the mob. The stimulus last summer is a prime example where most of the funds flowed to corporations while the mob received their measly $1200.

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