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Subject:  Re: Stripe but also carbon removal. on my radar Date:  11/25/2020  7:18 PM
Author:  wkimzey Number:  73746 of 78495

I'm not expert. But California does have a carbon pricing policy, and so my view is that this isn't charity at all, but anticipation of a potentially huge market need as regulations tighten. And good branding as well.

California cap and trade program site:

Nice chart of the carbon allowance pricing:

The current November auction sold out the allowances, the previous 2 (May and Aug) had surplus driven by the Covid19 economic slowdown, and price dropped from Feb high of 17.87 to 16.68, but has recovered to $17.35.

Each allowance enables the purchaser to emit a ton of CO2 equivalent. The amount of available credits ratchets down with each auction, effectively forcing businesses to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint or buy extra credits on the open market.

You earn a credit if you remove metric ton of CO2 equivalent.

In the Stripe article, there target cost of capture was $200/ton to start becoming viable ... so I'm looking for a way bridge that gap with $17. This article is closest I found addressing that gap.

Here is Wikipedia on the Western Climate Initiative.

Broader California dashboard on climate change policy:


PS. I think your question, Ibuildthings, should be simple to answer. Is it just charity? I've spent several hours on this, looking for a really nice explanatory article, and haven't found the right one. There was a flurry of activity back around 2010, but I couldn't find something current.

2 minute introductory video:

I'll keep looking.
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