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Subject:  Re: PTON's ongoing shipping trouble Date:  11/27/2020  5:31 AM
Author:  Kashi83 Number:  73792 of 78042

It's not about the bike - It's about the community and the quality of
the classes/instructors.

I was extremely cynical about the company when I first heard about - I
didn't get and thought it was a complete waste of money. But everyone
I talked to were hooked, so I finally decided to get the digital
membership for the other workouts - like yoga, outside running,
stretching, etc.

After just a few classes, I got it - I understood what everyone was
talking about. My wife and I have tried workouts on Amazon, youtube,
gyms, boutiques, etc. We've done it all. We'd pay $40 for A class at
a boutique gym for a yoga workout. At the time, the was $20 (now $13)
a month to take classes that were better than most boutique classes -
and we could do it on OUR time!

Still, we didn't think the company would grab the following it would
need to blow up and actually get people to leave their gyms for - it
was just too ingrained into our DNA to go to gyms - and convincing
people would be difficult - then COVID happened - and there became not
much other choice and now I believe it's a runaway train that can't be
stopped. It's like Netflix in it's early days. US is just catching
on and slowly expanding internationally and then one day we're going
to wake up and its just going to be a normal part of our life.

Now my parents use it, my sister uses it for meditation to fall asleep
at night, friends who are fitness trainers started using peloton -
Personally, I've had back issues that only consistent yoga and
stretching would fix - Peloton offered that and I'm in the best shape
of my life right now, because I was finally able to afford to take world class
yoga classes consistently on my schedule.

Even when things open back up - this isn't going to be go to the gym
or have a peloton - people will use both - the convenience is just too
great and the value too good.
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