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Subject:  Re: Blue wave in 2022 Date:  11/27/2020  2:30 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  532623 of 534676

Yes, and it's a combination of things (from what I'm reading and hearing). Maher had a panel guest who spent a lot of time amongst Trump supporters leading up to the election. She indicated that they do not live in the same world that the rest of us do. They are fed a constant barrage of "alternative facts", so they have little contact with reality. With that backdrop what chance do they have to make an informed decision? How can we even communicate with them if their foundation is built on lies? Not (entirely) their fault, either. (I'm referring to Murdoch and the like)

And then Maher also commented that he talked with someone who related a story that he witnessed a child (I forget the age, but pre-teen from the sounds of it) yelling at his/her mother and the mother apologizing profusely, and this person said he couldn't support that view of a "proper" society (i.e. political correctness run amok...I believe the mother had a Biden sticker on her car, so he correlated that to the mother's perceived lack of strength).

The latter Dems can fix. PC run amok, and all the outrage on Twitter (followed by timid apologies) is very off-putting to a lot of people. Including me, and I voted Obama, HRC, and Biden over the last 10 years. If I truly stepped in it I would apologize. If you're getting upset over an actor portraying a character with three fingers (IIRC) and it being "insensitive to people with limb impairments", tough. It's a fictional character, and if I was the actor I would not apologize for it. Apparently that was a real thing.

There is justified outrage (like George Floyd), and then there's being a snowflake.

So, yeah, I cringe at some of that stuff too. But the bigger picture was beating Trump and the Reps because they're much worse. In a different way, but with more substantial effects on peoples' lives.


P.S. Dems also need to avoid statements like "defund the police" when mostly the aim it to demilitarize the police, and possibly scrap and rebuild some departments that resist reform. Very few people are calling for an elimination of the police.
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