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Subject:  Re: Trump’s Disgraceful Endgame Date:  12/1/2020  11:27 AM
Author:  AlphaWolf Number:  2338646 of 2381073

1. There was rampant fraud in the 2020 election.

Then, pray tell, then why hasn’t one single Trump attorney brought evidence of election fraud in court?

And why, when pushed by judges in court (including judges appointed by Reagan, Bush, and Trump), every single Trump attorney clearly stated they were not alleging that any fraud took place?

And why have no one in charge of state elections, including both Democrats AND Republicans, stated there was any fraud (except for the Lt. Governor of PA who said there were 2 cases of people trying to vote for Trump twice?

And why can’t you give any evidence of fraud?

The most logical reason is because there was no fraud.

2. Did Democrats accept the results of the 2016 election? uh, no they didn't as they immediately started investigations and impeachments in order to try and oust Trump and continued this for 4 years.

Uh, yes, we did. In fact Hillary conceded, with MUCH closer races, within 24 hours. Did we like it? No. And yes, we fought him every step of the way. No lawsuits were filed, including an apparent endless stream of bogus lawsuits nor did Democrat legislators try to overturn the popular vote in any state.

Remember, you can’t impeach Biden until he’s president.

The fact remains that the MAJORITY of Americans voted for President elect Biden.

Stop supporting a deranged serial sociopathic liar.

Oh, and GROW UP.

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