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Subject:  Re: See how a real scientist teaches scientific Date:  1/28/2021  1:00 AM
Author:  TucsonBones Number:  886949 of 888019

one third of South Dakota residents live in just four cities, and the majority live in the top 10 cities -

Which only supports the point that transmissibility of infectious disease is less likely with two-thirds of its population spread over an area 1700 times that of San Francisco. Two thirds of the population of South Dakota lives in and area of 77,184 mi², while All the population of San Francisco lives in an area of 46.87 mi².
The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls, has a population density of 3,141 people per square mile. The population density of San Francisco is 18,790.74 people per square mile. San Francisco has the highest population density in all the United States after New York City.
None of the cities in South Dakota are any where near the population density of San Francisco. Earlier you tried to present a pictures of South Dakota as mostly American Indian Families that live in large extended families in one house. Turns out that is not even close to the reality. 86% of South Dakotans are white non hispanic and only 9% of South Dakotans are American Indians. Only 46% of San Franciscans are white non hispanics. I point this out, and you repeat this non-reality assertion saying, “many of the rural folks - are on the Native American reservations that typically have multi-generational homes” even though you have been presented evidence, facts that are contrary to your assertion (beliefs), you continue to repeat something to support your point which is not true.
No…. The American Indian population is only 9%
And, no, the number of persons living per household in South Dakota is 2.43

The fact is, you’re not interested in the scientific method that was posted here by the OP. You believe a hypothesis and make up the facts to secure your belief rather than objectively look at the evidence.
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