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Subject:  Re: is an armed America a safer America? Date:  2/10/2021  4:55 PM
Author:  FCorelli Number:  138036 of 139081

I won't take this too far because I am actually in favor of reasonable gun legislation/control/safety whatever you wanna call it. I am not defending loons who stand on their lawns and practice their fancy cowboy gun twirlin' skins. However, I did grow up with cops so I know what they're looking for and how they go about things. In a phrase "I don't wanna know from nuthin'" is their slogan.

To further elucidate:

If they weren't afraid that everyone they encounter is armed to the teeth (which sometimes they are) they would be less "primed to shoot". If you have an armed citizenry then the police need to be armed too, or they will be mostly ineffective.

Yes, it's always something, isn't it. Several years ago in, I believe it was South Carolina, the cops pulled some guy over. He gets out of the car like they said. They shoot him. The excuse is "I saw a gun" Sounds reasonable. But it's an open carry state. EVERYBODY can have a gun and they don't have to do or say diddly about it. Ergo it's incumbent on the cops to get with the program. Ya can't just shoot people any more. Gotta problem? "Talk to your elected officials", as they like to tell non-cop people.

And they need to be better armed, as we saw in Hollywood about 25 years ago.

No. They got plenty of firepower now and have had ever since they switched from the .38s. That Hollywood thing was a one-off situation and routine civil policing is not intended to deal with that. That's what Swat Teams are for. But I'll concede, yes, they need to possess the capacity.

US gun policy is just insane.

Yes, indeed.
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