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Subject:  Holding Growth or Re-allocation 2 Dividend Payer Date:  2/16/2021  1:55 PM
Author:  Swing4TheFence88 Number:  27970 of 27990

Dear Motley Fool Jedi Masters,
I am trying to come up with a streamlined way of comparing estimated investment returns over time. Ultimately, I want to have a good idea at any given time whether or not it makes sense to hold a high flying growth security with expectation of an eventual multibagger with a total value of $1,000,000 in a given amount of time (17 years). OR if I might reasonably expect to compound the value of that money at a higher rate over the same period of time (17 years) by liquidating said security at a given price point, paying the long term cap gains and reallocating into several high conviction dividend payers with an understanding of estimated dividend % appreciation, stock price appreciation, and assumed reinvestment of dividends?

Put a different way, I have a (relative to my portfolio) large position in a growth stock that I have reasonably high conviction in hitting a specific valuation in a given amount of time. I want to figure out if it would behoove me to just hold that position through to fruition (assuming all goes well, famous last words) or if it would be smarter to liquidate that position at a price point shy of the valuation that I think it can reach (in 17 years time) if that price point liquidation (including taxes paid) would allow me to re-allocate funds to several solid dividend payers that would presumably earn an equal or higher return over that same 17 year time period. I am making these assumptions on each of these dividend payers based on company financial fundamentals and my projection of each of their dividend % growth over time and share price growth over time. I would plan on dividend reinvestment with each of the held dividend paying securities.

Does anyone know of a good website or software program that allows for a set dollar amount to be compared/contrasted across several different companies at the same time? Any help would be rad!
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