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Subject:  Re: Why, why, why... Date:  2/24/2021  2:11 PM
Author:  CMFHuibs Number:  209636 of 209688

This Market, particularly APPL, is kinda soft, it's not making sense to this grasshopper why APPL has been slipping the last several days...

..I could come up with many rods would work, with "fast action" rods able to snap back quickly, but not load as deeply to throw baits a long way, as opposed to "moderate action" rods that bend more freely and further into the length of the rod...they snap back more slowly but can cast a lure a mile..

..Apple is a moderate action rod..

..but seeing that there likely aren't too many fishermen on these boards on avaerage, perhaps a boat analogy might be better..

..some boats are small and reactive, turn to starboard and the boat jumps and carves around a bend, turn back to port and the boat immediately rolls over and turns left..

..Apple is a giant takes more time to turn, and reactions are slower, but at the same time you wouldn't want to run into a little boat with your giant one, as you wouldn't even notice..

..smaller stocks, with smaller floats are more reactive to price movements, heck even The Fool can rapidly move tinier stocks with a recommendation..

..if The Fool were to re-recommend AAPL, the stock wouldn't budge..

..Apple will turn around and begin it's trek higher at some point, and when it does it will carry its weight with it..

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