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Subject:  Re: Ammo shortage Date:  3/18/2021  7:07 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  17791 of 18410

“One advantage of loading my own, besides making more accurate ammo than the factory stuff is I usually have enough powder, primers & bullets on hand that ammo shortages don’t bother me much.”

Make sure you have a good supply of primers. For reloaders, it is the item that is in scarce supply.

PSU, I no longer hunt (except them #!!&@$$! Bushy tailed tree rats and armadillos in the garden) and load for maximum accuracy, especially for the rifles. One factor in making accurate ammo is consistency. When I buy primers. I’ll get a box or two of 1000 Federal Match primers with the same lot number. To a certain extent, the same with bullets, cases and powder. I have a number of boxes of old primers made by Winchester, Remington, CCI, etc. in stock that I could use up but not for the best accuracy. They would be fine for hunting but not target shooting.

Recently, I dug out a #1 Ruger in 25-06 that I put together back in the 80s and never developed a good load for. I have 50 rounds I recently loaded for it on my desk waiting to take to the range it see if I can get any accuracy out of it before I sell it.

C.J.V. - thinks I still gots some CCI primers that I bought in 1968 or 68 in my junk box, me
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