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Subject:  Re: Ain't it strange Date:  3/25/2021  6:12 PM
Author:  dsemmler Number:  887701 of 888768

So far, you have YET to propose one "gun law" that would have prevented the incidents in Columbine, Atlanta, Orlando, Blacksburg, Boulder.

I don't profess to have the answer either, but I also believe it is important to try and find something that might spare some of these lives.

First, I am a FOID card holder and have zero problems with gun ownership. While I do not own one personally, I do on occasion go to the range with friends to shoot. When people speak of gun laws or gun reform, too many people immediately jump to someone trying to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. From my perspective, that is not the case but I can understand the leap.

With all of that said, I would hope that everyone here believes that mass shootings as well as any death by gun are bad. I am in agreement that banning guns will not solve the problem. In addition, bad people that want a gun will often still find a way to get a gun. However, unless I am mistaken, most of the mass shootings have been by people that bought weapons legally. While it is true that many of the deaths in places like Chicago are via illegally owned weapons, I think a place to start is on reducing the crime from people that own guns legally.

As I said at the beginning, I do not know the answer but rather than digging my head in the sand and yelling about my 2A rights, I think we should be working towards solutions that might save one or more lives.

What about mandatory insurance when buying a gun? Just like having mandatory insurance to drive a car. Sure, some people will skirt the law but could it help? Possibly.

How about eliminating private gun sales? Here in TN one can buy a gun from another personal seller without any background check required. I believe many states also allow private sellers at gun shows to sell weapons. Would this help? I believe it may. about fingerprint-type technology in the grip where the weapon can only be fired by the registered owner? This would help reduce accidental shootings in cases where a child finds mom or dads gun, and would also curb theft of weapons. There are problems however, as my example of going to a range with friends means we could not share a gun to shoot.

How about a national gun registration database? Not all states require, or have the same level of requirements, for registering weapons. Maybe even have an annual recertification of the guns that one owns to ensure that ownership is maintained or transferred to a new owner legally.

I can appreciate that any of the above, or other ideas, are likely going to make the process more tiresome for legal gun owners with more hoops to jump through and will not completely eradicate gun violence. But could it be a start? If the time comes when I do choose to own my own gun, I would be happy to do so if it might mean even one life being saved. Again, as I look at this topic, I do not believe anyone is promoting the idea of banning people from owning guns. Even looking at guns like the AR-15, while I don't personally see a need to own one, I am not opposed to others doing so if we have some better processes around securing ownership. For me, renting one from the range is more than sufficient.

I have not touched on the topics surrounding mental evaluations, as I know that is a very tricky topic given privacy regulations. Nor have I touched on the topic of illegal guns / gun ownership, as I view that as a different beast with other socioeconomic components. I agree that guns do not kill people any more than cars kill people, knives kill people, or anything else. I will say though that a gun in the wrong hands has the opportunity to kill more people in a shorter time than knives or other weapons.

To the gun advocates in the group, what suggestions do you have? My hope is that you don't say there is nothing to do and there is no problem. Let's not whatabout the topic to other weapons or causes of death. What can this country do to curb gun violence / death from the hands of legal gun owners?
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