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Subject:  Meanwhile Back Texas Date:  3/25/2021  7:11 PM
Author:  BobsDonuts Number:  887703 of 888784

Annova announced that it was canceling its permits to build a large LNG facility on the Brownsville shipping canal. Construction of the facility and pipeline infrastructure to connect it to the Permian Basin will cost thousands of jobs. When up and running the facility was expected to provide hundreds of well paying engineering and maintenance jobs. The company cited lack of demand for its product and the inability to sign contracts with any foreign customers. This in part is due to the shortage of LNG unloading facilities

A meeting of Oil company executives in Dallas reported that business was picking up on all front. Reading between the lines, it seems that Saudi Arabia has decided to support a price of $68/bbl as long as the club members keep in line. When questioned about the ban on drilling on federals lands the execs agreed that it had no impact on their business.

FERC is going to push that Texas winterize its natural gas production facilities to avoid a repeat of the last freeze. Meanwhile Berkshire Hathaway has offered to build eight new natural gas electric generation plants to be used as an emergency reserve at a cost of $8 billion. BRK has proposed paying for the plants using a levy of slightly over 1c per KWhr on existing customers. It is unlikely that the plan will be accepted as Warren Buffet is deemed to be a no good liberal pinko from a gddm Yankee state. Governor Abbot is canvassing his extended family for counter bids.

In response to the GOP bill to restrict voting rights, wannabe governor Beto O'Rouke joined protesters on the steps of the capitol today. "Hey, we have illegals flowing into Texas by the millions and old white republicans offing themselves in record numbers, there is no way we can lose this, ragerdless of what they do"
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