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Subject:  Re: Ain't it strange Date:  3/26/2021  9:02 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  887709 of 888774

"Personally, I would definitely support a need for mental evaluation or clearance as part of gun ownership and a regular recertification as time goes by."

How about we require it for driving a car? Buying alcohol? flying a private airplane? Driving an ATV? operating a power boat?

At what point do you stop, and you really think, with people buying ONE MILLION plus guns a year, that you have the resources to 'evaluate' on some yet to be determined 'clearance form' to be able to 'own' a gun.

And there you just expanded it to 100 million people who own guns. Yeah, at least half of them never see a doctor even once every five years and now, suddenly, you need tens of thousands of folks doing 'mental evaluations' to what standard?

Really - you are proposing yet another useless bunch of 'regulations' that accomplishes nothing. Anyone wanting a gun for criminal purposes can likely lay their hands on a gun. Criminals have no trouble doing that tens of thousands a year.

When you tell me you have solved the 'drug problem', eliminated all dealing of cocaine, heroin, meth, then I might believe that you can solve the criminal gun problem.

In all recent cases, most likely your perps would have succeeded in passing 'mental exams' as they wouldn't have been that thorough.

Now, since you likely drive a 3 ton vehicle, capable of mass slaughter, when will you go for your 'mental evaluation' to have a drivers license? Heck, you might go ballistic and plow into a crowd of protestors tomorrow!

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