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Subject:  Re: Ain't it strange Date:  3/26/2021  9:09 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  887710 of 888700

feedmejunk:"Hey, you seem to think the same approach works for voting"

To buy a gun, you need to have POSITIVE ID, then go through a FEDERAL system that verifies identity and determines whether you can buy a gun (ie, not a felon, nor judged incompetent by a legal court). No picture drivers license - no gun purchase. Simple.

To vote, you just show up, or fill out a form that someone handed you, says mark all the Ds (if not already marked) , sign an X at the bottom, and drop in the ballot box - whether an eligible voter or not. ID? Joke, joke.....most places it seems, no ID required - heck, you just fill out the form for the 'vote harvesters' and an additional 10,000 folks will be kept in the back room in case needed in close elections - often with names from the grave yard..... who seem to keep voting 20 years after they died... don't have to be a registered 'voter' to vote - you can do that at the same time after you just ran the border.....

I think you have an excellent idea. Every voter should be verified through a state database after presenting valid PICTURE ID to find out if they are a CITIZEN , not a FELON, and are a registered voter in the place they are voting.

Congratulations. We finally agree on something!

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