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Subject:  Quicken Support Sucks Date:  3/27/2021  4:27 PM
Author:  ImAGolfer Number:  11233 of 11241

Quicken Support (in my opinion) has gone downhill big time. I've been trying to work an issue with their support folks for over a week and have been having lots of problems communicating.

- I have typed in an epistle to Mathew and Luke in CHAT MODE. By the way CHAT MODE sucks a big one.

- Quicken's support line at 650-250-1900 did not work all last week (all being Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nor Friday). A recording comes on saying they have Network Issues. Sure wish they would get their "Network Issues" fixed.

- After my last encounter with CHAT MODE I now have what appears to be well over 20 years of data duplicated in my check register.

This all started around October or November when someone wrote a fraudulent check against our checking account. I immediately called Wells Fargo and advised them of the situation. They cancelled our checking account and issued us a new account number.

Quicken was happy with the new account number and off we went. In the meantime when I logged on to check my account with WF (on a daily basis) I would get a message that said the old account detail would be available for 90 days.

About a week or so ago Quicken got tired of seeing this message and said I needed to do something about it (the old account).

I've got this thing so screwed up I don't think I'll ever recover.

Luckily I do a weekly backup to a thumb drive and I'm saving it until I figure this out. I restored last week but now it's a mess.

Also to the guy/girl that wrote a fraudulent check against our account I hope your remaining days on Earth or full of misfortune (I could use some stronger words but there may be some youngsters reading this). Your actions have caused us a lot of extra work and worry. We have had to:

- Order new checks
- Provide SSA with new routing/account number for both wife and I.
- Inform insurance company for home and auto insurance.
- Inform gas company.
- Inform electric company.
- Inform life insurance company.
- Inform water company.
- Inform various IRA providers also provide voided check.
- Inform Fidelity.
- Inform Express-Scripts.
- Hope to hell you haven't forgotten anyone.
- Try to get help from Quicken Support.

Other than that I was having a good weekend until I did my weekly with Quicken.


ImAGolfer (retired '03)
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