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Subject:  Re: Ordinary people being fleeced Date:  4/12/2021  1:23 AM
Author:  intercst Number:  102380 of 106107

CountNoCount writes,

<<interecst: How come the Germans have twice as many doctors per capita? (per your link). I thought socialized medicine was supposed to be rationing care?>>

FWIW, I had to wait four months to have a squalmous cell carcinoma removed from my scalp. Relatively routine surgery, but the insurance had to have get a referral from my "Primary Care Physician", the adjusters review, approve, and then wait for a appointment with the surgeon.


Sounds like you may have a Medicare Advantage plan that diverts too many resources to for-profit insurance company bureaucracy and Executive Compensation.

I started regular, traditional, fee-for-service Medicare on Feb 1st where the top bureaucrat in charge of the $1.5 Trillion program is paid $165,000/yr. I decided I should get a couple of suspicious spots on my right leg checked out. I had an appointment with a dermatologist on Feb 5th. Doctor looked at my leg and said, "That's not good", and he cut out two squalmous cell carcinoma lesions then and there -- no waiting. My 20% copay for the doctor visit and the surgery was $92.30. I got a bill from a dermatological pathologist specialist a few weeks later for 20% of that charge -- $14.20.

If I had my leg looked at a month earlier with my $5,000 deductible Obamacare plan it would have easily been $1,500 out of pocket.

Medicare is real insurance. Don't let a for-profit health insurance CEO take it away from you.

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