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Subject:  Re: Washingto Post zaps Biden Date:  4/13/2021  4:59 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  887838 of 888206

"First license was in CT 35 years ago. "

My first license was in NJ at age 17 - the earliest you could get it IF you had driver ed in high school. A couple week course, 10 hours on the road, plus 20 hours supervised driving with family member in car - plus vision check and a state run driver test/driver course. Had to parallel park (which existed there all over NJ).

After college, moved to IL and got DL there - just swapped licenses. Moved to VA and same deal - or maybe had to get pic taken? FOrget - simple.

31 years ago, moved to TX. Pic on drivers license but just swap license to get TX one.

Of course, you've got to register car every state you move, get insurance in new state, etc.

You don't have to have Real ID, but if you want to hop a plane (I have no travel plans any time soon and haven't been on plane in 8 years I think), you can do without it. If you don't have it, you've got to show valid passport to get on a domestic flight.

Still recovering from yesterday.

At least, car registration/inspection is a simple thing in TX. Take to any of state approved inspection stations - and they are all over. Wait typically 15-20 minutes. They hook up to car computer on newer ones, read off the emissions data, check horn, lights, brakes, shading on windows, windshield, etc, look under hood for modifications to smog system, and that's it. Quick and easy. Older cars they stick probe in exhaust.

Some states are horror stories. I remember my mom in FL - stare run system and you had to drive 20 miles from her house to get there - lines - and worse, from what I hear, is Wash DC with hours of lines. People pay others to take their car through inspection - $100 or $200 for sitting in line for a couple hours getting a car inspected.

Some states you don't even need inspections - South Dakota?

If you buy a new car in TX - two years till first inspection - then annually.....

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