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Subject:  Re: T Constitutional Carry: Don't Have the V Date:  4/22/2021  7:19 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  17831 of 17953

And I also agree with the need for firearm training . But this is a way governments can block firearm possession, just make the test too difficult to pass ,too expensive etc

Axe-u-lee, they are doing that now-a-daze.

Any time the subject of voter id comes up. the liberal scream disenfranchisement claiming the cost of obtaining an ID is equivalent to a poll tax.

No, Mike, they ain’t liberals, they be Marxists. I vaguely remembers <its h3LL when one gets old because memory be one of them things dat declines> a case from the late 60s/early 70s that the Extreme Court said in effect that one has a constitutional right of free travel. If that be true, why do I have to prove who I am in order to board a train, plane, bus, etc. with a “Real ID” card or passport??? About 20 or 18 years ago, I applied for a new passport (cost me something like 80 bucks). I included copy of my “original” birth certificate that was given to my parents with the application. The application was rejected because the copy of the birth certificate did not include the time of my birth. I had to write to the State of Noo Joisey, pay a fee, etc. to get a certified copy of my birth to get a new passport. The copy of that “original” certificate I sent them was fine for me to join the U.S. navy, get a secret security clearance, get my first passport and get a top secret security clearance but not to get a passport this century.

I would also be in favor of some minimal training to get a voter ID card with a proof of citizenship, but then I’m not a liberal/Marxist, me. In the case of firearms training in Loosiana, it was mostly on the laws and examples in the state on self-defense and where one can not legally carry a firearm. One example is if they find Bordeaux face down with 47 buckshot pellets in his back Thibodaux probably won’t be able to claim self defense, no. It was also illegal to carry a firearm concealed in places of worship, court houses, etc., etc. Since state laws tend to change over time, it would also be wise to have refresher training every so many years.

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