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Subject:  Re: Ghosts In The House? Date:  4/28/2021  9:53 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  138306 of 138996

I thought ghosts were only former inhabitants of the house/guests that stayed there.

If you have fairly new house, probably no time for strange doings, like dead bodies mysteriously vanishing, murdered wives, children dying during childhood and never growing up, etc.

or could be former occupant who has to wander the earth for 1000 years in penitence for having committed heinous crimes - or being a curmudgeon like Ebenezer Scrooge

I've never had ghost problems. Of course, most of the time I've been living in 'first time occupancy' of a house - new house or townhouse.

But even then, there are strange noises at times. My fridge (31 years old) makes all sorts of noises as it starts up and runs. If the windows are open, there are all sorts of noises from outside at times - from weed whackers to car noises, trucks, etc.... but when I take out my hearing aids, they all disappear so I sleep soundly.

Now if I lived in a 150 year old house with no so great previous occupant history - who knows?

That's when you call in the 'paranormal cops' and maybe your house goes on TV as 'ghost ridden'?

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