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Subject:  Re: Proud to be Brainwashed Date:  5/17/2021  11:59 AM
Author:  NessieTheBruce Number:  2354174 of 2381073

Brainwashed Leftists are up in arms over the new CDC maskless recommendations. Many refuse to remove their masks in protest! Can you say “totalitarian tools and dupes”?

LOL. Of course the issue many have with the new honor system that suggests that people who have not been vaccinated should continue to social distance and wear masks in public is that the anti-vaxers and anti-maskers have shown they have absolutely no honor. And we all know that these Trump cult morons are going to continue to avoid mask wearing and social distancing.

Remember, the vaccine does not prevent people from getting the virus. It does tend to make the disease less deadly and less serious. Also, those with suppressed and compromised immune systems will not have complete protection even after vaccination. People with Lupus, for example, and other auto-immune diseases are still being advised to wear masks and avoid contact. Those living with compromised immune system relatives also need to follow this guidance.

Willful ignorance and hostility from Trump culters is why some people are choosing to continue to protect themselves. Liars and hypocrites, like Trump supporters, destroy society. They have become willfully ignorant bullies, too stupid to accept facts and science and determined to punish everyone who is not as stupid as them. Wear a mask when you are going to be near these repulsive and selfish liars. They are a blight on this nation.
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