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Subject:  Re: GOP doublethink Date:  6/19/2021  10:36 AM
Author:  tim443 Number:  96148 of 97782

Their approach seems to be calmer and more reasonable than the US.

I would go with science based with a lot less politics?

We had problems early when some of our vaccination orders didn't arrive or arrived with far fewer doses than expected. One large order from the US was cancelled completely due to Americans first policy. Some of the early products had special freezer requirements that were impossible to meet particularly in our more isolated first nations and Inuit communities. Later it turned out the requirements were far in excess of what was needed.

Where some of our provinces (including my own Nova Scotia) excelled was in ordering lock downs and actually having most people follow them. Those that broke them the homeowner paid at first $1000 fines later doubled then doubled again. The university parties would collect donations to pay for the fine of the homeowner so we switched to fining everyone there ... party over.

One restaurant owner who insisted on staying open had his business shut down with a lock on the door. The rest got the message.

Generally Canadians do mostly trust our governments. Our Feds threw money at just about anyone who could fog a mirror. I was surprised when wife and I got an extra $300 show up in our accounts that usually get our pension payments. Took some research to discover that everyone receiving OAS got the cash regardless of need and it was tax free. Those that lost jobs and a whole lot of business that couldn't open had lots of cash tossed their way.

I must confess that at a time when it is hard to spend money we probably have a year or more of living expenses sitting in 0 interest bank accounts. That is after stuffing the limit into our Tax Free investment accounts.

A few of our provinces were a little aggressive at opening too soon then had to shut down at a high price in people in hospitals or morgues. Quebec learned early and stopped, Ontario (our largest province by population) kept trying and Alberta (North Dakota North) where still trying to run their big rodeo but gave up and now have 3 $1 million lottery prizes for people that get vaccinated. No need for that in Nova Scotia, when new bookings become available online they are mobbed!

Overall nationally our 26 thousand + deaths for the size of our population is bad but statistically better than a lot of other countries have done and we are currently racing to the end point with massive increase in vaccination rates. Nova Scotia lost 90 to deaths, the vast majority in a very large nursing home early in the pandemic.

Good health to us all.

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