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Subject:  Re: Constitutional Carry Returns to Texas Date:  6/20/2021  2:13 PM
Author:  mauser96 Number:  17938 of 18410

"Virtually everyone" owned a gun in Texas but only a minority carried one outside of a vehicle. A gun in home or vehicle was lawful even before recent laws.
I once lived in a smallish town in the SE part of the US and knew only one homeowner that did not have a firearm of some sort at home. This is common in many parts of the US. Parts that have lower gun related homicides than restricted places like Chicago.

my own personal opinion is that firearm carry is clearly guaranteed in Constitution. What else could "Bear" mean? .But concealed carry sans permit is a more cloudy issue.

It is no accident that gun sales are up . Rapid increase of pro second amendment laws at the State level is a clear reaction to Lefties stated intentions at restricting or banning them. So Lefties are responsible for this strong movement.

There will never be enough federal agents to enforce laws without cooperation of the states and cities. Like with cannabis, the people will speak. More federal laws will have the same result as prohibition of alcohol, people will just violate the laws. There are probably over 300 million functional firearms in the US, and they last nearly forever. Like cannabis the "ban it"war is already lost. No matter what is done at the Federal level. Do Lefties think taking stuff away from people is going to get votes for them? Any success at Federal level will lead to even more losses at the state level. The Dems would do better using political capital for ends not doomed to failure, ends that will not alienate millions of voters, ends that might actually accomplish something
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