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Subject:  Re: cleaning the car Date:  6/23/2021  1:41 PM
Author:  DoctorDoom Number:  12326 of 12770

My car needs interior cleaning too, but with vacations over the Summer, it will keep getting trashed, so probably wait for a nice deep clean after kids are back in school.

Been hovering close to ATH. Up 55% YTD, but a large cash position, so don't go up or down too much too quick at moment.

Finally starting to seriously tackle the extra pounds put on by covid. Less about weight and more about bodyfat, as the more I workout, the more muscle I add back on, so simply weighing myself isn't a good measure of progress.

DO NOT think you can bounce back in your late 40s like you did in your 20s or 30s. body has been hanging onto fat cells with unbreakable vice-like grip.

I started following Athleanx guy from his youtube videos, and joined his Max Shred course.
I thought I was in ok shape, as I have been doing sprints once a week for a year now. His courses absolutely will help me lose weight, but they are daunting if you don't have good stamina with things like burpees and limited rest between sets to keep up the heart rate.

I think I was in the best shape of my life at 22, 25/26, and an early mid-life crisis burst at 39/40.
Pretty sure at 40 I was in better shape than any time in my 30s and most of 20s.

Can I replicate that near 50?
I will settle for lean. I need 50 to be the new 35, as I plan to live to 120 (min).

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