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Subject:  Re: Portfolio opinion Date:  6/26/2021  10:18 PM
Author:  5591kraM Number:  30043 of 30118

Thanks for your reply. I don't usually do discussion boards but since I paid for Fool I could use some advice/opinions. One reason I don't do discussion boards too much is you can't express feelings or attitude very much unless you're in person so I don't know if your sarcasm or less sarcasm in the second paragraph was meant to be helpful or condescending. I don't know- honestly. I don't know- this is a discussion board. You're probably a really nice guy. Having said that I appreciate your feedback. It looks like Warren Buffett from what I read has a whole lot of stocks. Also has Amazon which I have and which he bought recently as did I. I don't understand the single investment remark. I don't know if you signed up for TMF for stock picks or the discussion board.

Don't know if this matters but a lot of my stocks are part of various ETFs. I wish I purchased less so I guess I'll sell some. I do have growth ETFs which I heard are good during inflation.
And no, I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the updates and holdings reports- that's Motley Fool's job -that's why I signed up. As for Starbucks I don't know crap about them except since their inception they're up over 33,000 percent (just throwing darts)
I once heard someone say (not quoting) but to the effect that you could throw darts at a stock chart dart board and do just as well as a lot of wall street pros.
My main takeaway on these boards, other than investing advice, is to not piss anyone off and have a civil discussion. After all I'm on the "investing for beginners" board.
I looked up VFIAX. I guess it's a $3,000 minimum investment. So I guess that would be a good pic? for this pending inflation or crash? God forbid.
Nice chatting with you g w Potter. I did some work for a Potter out here in California. I see you're on the Home Improvement boards a lot. That's all I've done my whole life.
Cheers and peace
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