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Subject:  48 To Watch In Tokyo Date:  7/20/2021  12:41 PM
Author:  CMF_Fuskie Number:  1776 of 1785

The Tokyo Olympics won’t be anything like the Games you’ve watched in the past. Athletes will be competing with no spectators, without even their families to cheer them on, among other restrictions. These strict on-the-ground rules, will be in effect because of the COVID-19 pandemic that just triggered a new state of emergency for Tokyo. But the global event is moving forward, and roughly 11,000 participants are headed to Tokyo for the Games. Such a massive group of elite athletes are sure to bring thrilling competition, gripping rivalries and moments for the record books.

Here are 48 to watch when the Games formally kick off on July 23.

Who is crossing his fingers that the stories coming out of these games will be those of the athletes and not the coronavirus...

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