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Subject:  Re: 98 y.o. Bob Dole is “Trumped-out” Date:  7/24/2021  12:27 PM
Author:  NessieTheBruce Number:  2359345 of 2365084

... My sense is that over the next few generations, as older folks pass on and rural America gets drawn into reality - maybe kicking and screaming - as Democrats invest in their future vs keeping them poor and ignorant, "Reaganism" and trickle down will be seen as the mythology it is, and we can get on with the business of creating a more perfect union.

I don't know if I ever was that much of an optimist, but I know I am not today. Today, I see no answer on the horizon as to how the US can stop the billionaire-backed GQP propaganda machine. Heck, Democrats can't even pass significant voter rights legislation or do anything to address our unequal justice system or make corrections to our grossly unfair tax and economic system. The Republicans are not in retreat despite being a minority party with no agenda that any working class voter should ever want. As long as Fox News and the rest of the right wing propaganda machine is allowed to simply spew lies and ignore stories of major GQP treachery, how will the cult followers ever get their heads unstuck from the echo chamber? I don't see that happening simply because Democrats think it should. The trickle down lie has been exposed over and over again but the fake news terrorists at Fox and elsewhere never allow their cult to see or understand those results. In fact, they claim all our economic issues are caused by Democrats opposition to their efforts to make America free . . . for all billionaires to exploit.
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