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Subject:  Are You A #1 Or #2 Investor? Date:  8/3/2021  12:22 PM
Author:  CMF_Fuskie Number:  2352 of 2360

If you're Jeff Bezos, you're not going to have some random dude manage your money and hope for the best. You're not gonna open up a Robinhood account and risk it all on meme stocks like Gamestop. You're going to hire the type of investor who has a PhD in mathematics and drives a Bugatti; a go-getter who wakes up with a turmeric latte and pores over satellite images of factories in Asia to predict the earnings of some 3D printing company most of us have never heard of. We're talking about the best of the best in finance.

Billionaires and gigantic institutional investors turn to these financiers because they want their investments to make the most money possible, which requires making the right calls on both buying and selling stocks. New research confirms they're whizzes when picking which stocks to buy. But when it comes to the other important part of their job, picking which stocks to sell and when — even these titans of finance are no better than a drunken monkey throwing darts.

Who thinks this perfectly aligns with the TMF Foolosphy of researching companies and investing in high conviction opportunities for the long term (3-5 years or longer) and avoid reactionary sell decisions...

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